Ubuntu Linux系统下的SVN客户端工具PySVN




The pysvn project's goal is to enable Tools to be written in Python that use Subversion.

Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and other unix platforms are supported.

pysvn Extension FeaturesSupports all svn client featuresSupports svn transaction features required to write svn pre-commit hooksEasy to learn and usePython like interfaceGood Documentation and examplesNo need to understand the Subversion C APIpysvn WorkBench FeaturesEasy to learn and useAll subversion client operations in a GUIEnhanced subversion operations (rename of modified files etc)Support software development workflowBuiltin GUI diff showing line and character diffsAbility to diff between revisions in a files historyRuns on Windows, Mac OS X and Unix platformsImplemented in Python, allowing customisation。

对于Ubuntu Linux用户的话可以使用ubuntu软件中心来获取这个软件:在软件中心它的名字为:Svn Workbemch.你也可以使用如下命令来安装:

sudo apt-get install python-svn
sudo apt-get install svn-workbench

最后,安装好后新建project就可以开始在Linux下使用SVN 了。很简单,如下图。